QueenLine 24K Gold Collagen Repair Sleeping Mask Moisturizing Serum Firming Nourishing Eye Cream Korean Cosmetic Face Care Skin Care Sets

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Product Description

  • Brand Name: QueenLine
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Use: Face
  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • Number of Pieces: One Unit
  • Certificate Number: 2019236779
  • Ingredient: as show
  • Item Type: Set
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: China
  • Certification: GZZZ
  • Quantity: 5
  • NET WT: /
  • Model Number: F137+D172+D372+F048+F074


Package include:

1*250g sleeping mask+1*30ml Face Serum+ 1*100ml Face Serum+1*120ml Peel-Off Mask

24k gold sleeping mask

1.This perfect mask restores and maintains skin's moisture balance.
2.24K gold factor stimulates cell renewal and capillary circulation, delays skin aging, smoothes fine lines, moisturizes for a long time.
3.Nano-gold, shine and moisturize skin, promote skin to absorb moisture and nutrition.
4.This product has a good whitening and moisturizing effect to brighten skin tone.
5. The product is delicate and light, easy to be absorbed by the skin, making the skin more delicate.
Skin Type: All skin types
NET WT: 250g
Country/Region of Manufacture:China
Feature: Whitening,Moisturizing, Nourishing, Anti-aging

24K Face Serum 30ml

24K Gold Foil Slow Dilute Factor Will Be A Variety Of Unique Rich In Active Ingredients, Efficient And Rapid Infiltration Of The Skin Inner Layer, Can Increase The Skin Absorption Of The Active Ingredient And Protection Loss Of Active Ingredients, So As To Make The Skin Full Filling, Wrinkles And Law Grains Contact, Facial Muscle Profile Tight And Perfect Stereo Feeling.
1 Apply Adequate Amount In Palm Preheat Fully Wake Up
2.Left And Right Sides Of The Temple, From The Forehead To Slowly On Both Sides In The Middle
3.With Allowance In T Area Place Daub Slowly
4.Finally His Hands Gently On The Face, Wait For Skin Awakened

24K Face Serum 100ml

Product Features:
1.The 24K gold Nicotinamide serum acts on 3 areas (face + chin + octagon)
2.Reduce the root cause of melanin formation,creating lustrous skin from deep within
3. The high eficiencyskin care by pure gold brings skinvitality
4. Smooths and soothes rough skin texture,creates glowing skin
5.Make skin feel elastic and smooth from skin deep
6.24K gold foil hyaluronic acid improves t
1.After cleansing.
2.Take an appropriate amount of 24K gold serum on the face.Sliding along the chin to the ear, then from the center of the forehead to the sides.
3. Massage gently from the cheeks to the whole face and neck skin
4.3.Avoid the eye area gently massage the temples,massage until completely absorbed.

24K Gold Collagen eye cream

1. Eye cream is rich in collagen, which helps reduce wrinkles.
2. Retinol essence reduces eye skin aging.
3. Reduce melanin synthesis and brighten the skin around the eyes.
4. Moisturize the eye skin, help reduce spots and wrinkles.
5. Massage eye cream to help remove dark circles and the under-eye bags.
6.Ease eyestrain, protect bright and charming eyes.
1. Take the soy-sized usage amount Apply around the eye socket
2. Ring finger from outer corner to inner Evenly massage and absorb the corners of the eyes
3. Finally, by playing the piano Lightly tap around the eyes to fully absorb

24K Gold Caviar Peel-Off Mask

24K Gold Caviar Peel-Off Mask
SHELF TIME: 3 years
SUITABLE SKIN: Normal skin
The products can purify pores effectively, removes deep dirt and excess oil. It can firm and lift your skin, keep skin in a young status. Deeply nourishes, moisturizes skin, promotes its metabolism, and leaves the skin soft and elastic.


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